ROOMMATE TALK: "Dear TSR, We Spotted Usher, J. Cole, and Sevyn! This Is How We Met...."

ROOMMATE TALK: “Dear TSR, We Spotted Usher, J. Cole, and Sevyn! This Is How We Met….”

The roommates (our loyal readers) spotted Usher at the gas station, Sevyn during a chance meeting, and J. Cole outside of the club in LA! Roommate Talk Posts are 100% user submitted!


Dear TSR, I was standing outside of the Greystone Manor nightclub in LA when I ran into Rapper J. Cole! He was hanging out with his friends but when I asked him for a picture he said yes! He was so sweet and humble

  • @rideethewave

Thanks for sending boo! You know what, you and J. Cole would make a really cute couple too!


Dear TSR,

My Momma spotted Usher Raymond on Howell Mill at the Shell Gas Station putting 70 dollars worth of gas in his Range Rover and buying a dozen skull caps. His range only took 62 dollars in gas to fill up though. He was nice enough to take a picture with my Momma!

  • @all_for_kennedy

Girl, your Momma was stalking him! She even knew how much gas he put in the car! Run Usher run! Hehe…



Dear TSR,

My friend spotted singer Sevyn at a chance meeting! She is an aspiring designer and hopes to have Sevyn wear her designs in the future! Her name is @ms_jayhunt and her clothing line is @jayhuntdesigns ! Oh yea! She said Sevyn was really sweet! 

Girl are you sending in a picture of Sevyn or an advertisement for your friend’s business! I think we got played! Hehe..much success to your friend’s clothing line! XoXo!

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