Roommate Talk: I Went Shopping At Karlie Redd's Store And I'm Pissed! Let Me Tell You My Story....

Roommate Talk: I Went Shopping At Karlie Redd’s Store And I’m Pissed! Let Me Tell You My Story….

Dear TSR,

Okay so today, I went into Karlie Redd’s store “Merci” and I have to be completely honest when I say that this store is a hot azz mess. It’s located in the StoneCrest Mall in Georgia so I decided to go shopping for the day. The clothes were very cheap looking and were falling off of the mannequins. I mean….half of the mannequins nipples were out. The clothes were way over priced for the quality boo-boo. Can you imagine that a sweatshirt was $85.00, chile please. It looked like I could have ironed on the design myself. The associates were very nice but they were also an unprofessional mess. They weren’t even wearing the merchandise. I mean I wouldn’t wear it either but they should at least attempt to advertise the clothes to get some business. It seemed like they don’t get much business there though. One of the associates was basically forcing my sister to try something on after we told her several times we weren’t interested. It was just ugh. The nerve of her trying to shade Rasheeda for not having a store 😒. I hope Rasheeda gets her store and stunts on Karlie! 

  • Signed “Luh To Spend”