Roommate Talk: “My Girls Are Dying And They Need Some Hope”

Roommate Talk: “My Girls Are Dying And They Need Some Hope”

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Our #Roommate Alaia Mezere (@thealaiamizhani) reached out to us asking to tell her story with hopes of inspiring other women who are going through the same transition. With the LGBT community now at the forefront more than ever, she is looking to bring hope to women like herself. As well as come out to her family and friends, while expressing her satisfaction and happiness with her life’s decision.

Here is what she had to say:

I am Alaia Mizhani

I am a makeup artist and lover

I am a poet

I am a lover of architecture

I am also a transgender woman

And I have learned to embrace it and be proud of it NOW!

But my testimony is universal because everybody have, has, or will feel different for whatever reason society makes you feel that way. Now before you can say here goes another trans story … and talk about the gay agenda and how social media is all of a sudden oversaturated with LGBT issues. The trans population it’s only 0.2 percent. They’re actually aren’t a lot of girls, although social media feels that way in actuality I know not one girl locally.

Laverne Cox I love her, Caitlyn Jenner is ok but both of these trans women are wealthy celebrities, it’s hard to relate to that, when you’re just a regular person. Looking for other girls or people that feel like you, I don’t know any and I know if I felt alone a lot of the girls feel alone. So I felt I need to come out to tell my story. Nobody would ever choose this lifestyle it’s not a lifestyle to desire, half of society misunderstanding your transition, mis-gendering you, marginalizing you.

In spite of all that today I want to tell my family, friends, etc.

After much contemplation I would rather choose happiness and the comfortability, other than what comes along with fitting into hetero society. I made the decision to choose me, I picked me, I love me, I know a lot of people who are struggling, but I rather you hate me for who I am not than for someone I can’t be and never was.

I will never in my life again dim my light in fear of society, social media, so called religious folks, that I know will attack me who’s going to be under this post debating and contemplating my gender my place in heaven or hell. There’s nothing you can think of I haven’t heard or told myself. The only difference is now I LOVE, ME y’all???? and if you choose to take this ride with me I can guarantee you it’s not going to be boring.

Thanks, for your time


Your girl got her high school diploma

I am a certified makeup artist

I am a car owner

Future business owner

And I’m certified in nursing and I’m just getting started.