RoommateTalk: Dear TSR, Bouncers Wouldn't Let Chrissy Lampkin in Club Liv!! 

RoommateTalk: Dear TSR, Bouncers Wouldn’t Let Chrissy Lampkin in Club Liv!! 

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Dear TSR, 

So last night Floyd Mayweather and Fetty Wap was hosting a party at Club Liv in Miami. I was chilling outside on SnapChat for a few when I see Jim Jones girl, Chrissy. She was dressed up all cute so I know she was going to Liv. Only problem was when she got to the bouncers they turned her Azz away!! In my mind I’m like do you know who she is, thats Chrissy Lampkin from Love and HipHop (it probably doesn’t even really matter since that was a decade ago). Anyways, they had her waiting outside for over 20 minutes and she was name dropping everybody name but Jesus and they still wouldn’t let her in! They said she wasn’t on the list so her azz wasn’t getting in! But then again why not just pay ? But that’s none of my business anyways! 


Someone Who Can Get In Club Liv