#RoommateTalk : Dear TSR, I'm from Ghana And We Have A Huge Problem Going On In Our Country! 

#RoommateTalk : Dear TSR, I’m from Ghana And We Have A Huge Problem Going On In Our Country! 

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Dear TSR, 

My name is Evelyn . I wanted to inform my American roommates (and all around the world) on the electricity crises going on in Ghana right now. Could you imagine not having electricity for weeks at a time? The reason why we need awareness is to help get resources in Ghana that will stop the electricity crisis which we call “Dumsor” also the hashtag #dumsormuststop was created by locals to address the situation so it can end. People in authority have failed to resolve the situation and don’t seem to care. People and business are falling apart. Children cannot learn and  people are dying In hospitals because they have no light to proceed with surgery. The list goes on . But with your help we can probably get some experts to help create something such as solar light or something that we can fundraise or better yet donated resources that can create light for the people in that country. It’s sad that in this mordern day people don’t have lights . Similar to power outages that in this case happens on a daily basis, I’m talking about weeks. I hope this can be resolved some how. Thank you . Peace and love. ™@queeneve2013

-Signed Ghanaian Roomie! 
Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us! I love TEA but this is so much more important! We should really be aware of this issue and if we can’t help then we should aid in spreading awareness! Thank you so much roomie!