RoommateTalk: Dear TSR, Mimi Faust Has A New Man!!

RoommateTalk: Dear TSR, Mimi Faust Has A New Man!!

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Dear TSR,

I was vacationing in the Dominican Republic with some girlfriends when we noticed a fun, rowdy group that included Big Tigger and Mimi Faust. Big Tigger was mad cool.  Mimi was kind to us too until we starting flirting with a guy in the cabana alone next to them on his phone.

The guy was kinda cute so we asked him to take pictures with us. Mimi jealously jumped in the rest of the pictures with him and pulled him away from us.  From then on they were hugged up until their group left.

My boyfriend just saw the pics and he said that Mimi’s new boo in the pic is UBF Welterweight Champion Ed “Thoroughbred” Williams who has an HBO fight at MGM Las Vegas next month.

I ain’t mad at you Mimi. You go girl LOL!