Rush Card Customers Are About To Get A Huge Payday!!

Rush Card Customers Are About To Get A Huge Payday!!

Do you guys remember back in October when Rush Card customers were locked out of their accounts? Over 132,000 people did not have access to their coins and it was not a good look for the company’s founder, Russell Simmons.

Thankfully, Rush Card has reached a settlement with customers for $20.5 million! Of course that number includes attorney fees which amount to $1.5 million, so the remaining $19 million will be divided accordingly. If you did the math that’s about $144….

The Washington Post:

“The company recognized that their service had caused frustration and unhappiness and damages [to cardholders],” said John Yanchunis, the lead attorney representing the plaintiffs in the class-action suit.

The settlement includes some of the payments and breaks that customers have already received — including $25 credits given to some consumers and a “fee holiday” that waived monthly fees for all customers between November and February.”

As for customers who experienced losses such as late fees or overdrawn accounts due to the glitch, they are able to file claims for up to $100 if they don’t have documentation to support their claim and up to $500 if they do.

What a mess! At least it’s almost over with!

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