Sevyn Streeter Stepped Into The Music Room Last Night And You Shoulda Been There! 

Sevyn Streeter Stepped Into The Music Room Last Night And You Shoulda Been There! 

Hey, roommates! As you know, Sevyn Streeter moved into The Shade Room this week and has been super intimate with y’all about the details leading up to her writing six songs for her new music project, Shoulda Been There Part 1

Her album, On The Verge, is still coming out this year, but the reason for her giving you guys Shoulda Been There Part 1 is because, well, I’ll let her tell you:

“The last year and a half has been quite the roller coaster for me.  Incredible highs and some dark lows.  I wrote these songs when I wasn’t in the best space. Like I ALWAYS say, ‘I DON’T WRITE THE SONGS JUST FOR ME.’ I believe this collection of music can help someone else. So instead of me pretending, denying, and being embarrassed about what I went through, I’m choosing to put these songs out. As a creative being, I just had to release this music before my debut album in order to really move on with my life! So……consider this new project “SHOULDA BEEN THERE PT.1”  the prelude or an appetizer before the main course. I hope you enjoy and please know that more is on the way.”

Last night in The Music Room, our music plug, B. Young , hosted a listening session for Sevyn’s new music project, ‘Shoulda Been There: Part 1′. Twenty 20-something’s won a seat to the event and in addition to the shots of Trey Songz’ SX Tequila going ’round and ’round, a break-up seemed to be the one thing that had linked us all together. We’ve all been there, though, and Sevyn did an excellent job with making everyone feel like we could talk to her about anything and like she could talk to us about anything…and we did!

Her new single ‘Shoulda Been There’ shall from this day forward be acclaimed as the break-up anthem! It’s an upbeat song with a light-bodied melody that literally allows your emotion to match the tone of the song which reads: “UNBOTHERED”. The song features Sevyn’s boo, B.o.B, and in it, she sings about that ex that starts checking for you once you’ve already moved on to bigger and better than them! Sevyn said to our roommates, “To be all the way transparent with y’all, I was in a relationship where I felt like I really gave everything. I felt like I put myself out there, I gave my everything and he really just didn’t appreciate it.” Now that you’re happy, they want you back, but it’s too late! You wouldn’t have had to find better if they had done better. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the lyric video, then go to her YouTube,! It is so cute! 

Speaking of Bobby Ray, he came out to support his lady the other night! On ‘Shoulda Been There’, “Your best music comes from your most troubling times Or the most difficult times,” he said. “I’m glad to be apart of that.” The role that B.o.B. is playing in her life seems to be the right one! He vibed so well with her at the listening session and the love and friendship they have with each other was just overflowing.

‘Shoulda Been There: Part 1’ also has 5 interludes which consist of Sevyn discussing relationships with a few of her friends and maybe a roommate or two! They talk about cheating to checking text messages to even falling blindly in love, plus more! Roommates, y’all are going to LOVE this new music from Sevyn! Cop it, it’s out today! 

Special Thanks to @treysongz & @sxliquors for providing drinks for #TheMusicRoom!!



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