Shemar Moore's Bestfriend Was Stealing From Him And He Ain't Even Know It!

Shemar Moore’s Bestfriend Was Stealing From Him And He Ain’t Even Know It!

Be careful who you align yourselves with #Roommates because you never know who’s plotting behind your back. Actor Shemar Moore learned this lesson when he found out his so called Bestfriend was stealing from him!


According to RWS, Keith Tisdell, 42, has been ordered to cut Shemar Moore a $61K check after embezzling the money from Moore’s multiple sclerosis. Hadith.

Shemar has to feel some type of way because he didn’t hold back in court. He let everyone know he paid for vacations for his friend and helped out every now and then. Shemar said didn’t realize his friend was a snake until an audit revealed money was missing out that charity account in January!

Keith obviously chose the plea to avoid going to jail.