Singer Jeremih Arrested Because Of His Friends - They Got Him In Trouble AGAIN!

Singer Jeremih Arrested Because Of His Friends – They Got Him In Trouble AGAIN!



First of all, R & B Singer Jeremih needs to get a new set of friends. A little while ago, Jeremih got into trouble when his friends started throwing beer and acting up in a Fuddruckers restaurant. There was an investigation launched into the incident and we still don’t know if he will be arrested in that case. If you missed that TEA click here and here.

Yesterday, Jeremih Felton’s (government name) entourage started acting up at Newark Liberty International Airport. According to NBC Jeremih was traveling with two members of his entourage when he missed boarding call. Despite being late, Jeremih’s crew member tried to forcefully pry open the Jetway door so that Jeremih could board the plane.

As a result, Jeremih and his associates were arrested by Port Authority Police and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of law. Dontate Cunningham, the man that actually tried to pry open the door, was charged with trespass.

Recently, on social media, Jeremih denied the claims that he had anything to do with prying the door open. A fan commented under his picture letting him know that it was a foolish act, and he replied with, “That’s not what happened. You weren’t even there.”

This leads us to believe his side of the story most likely conflicts with these reports.

Then again, Jeremih also denied the incident at the restaurant…well until they received video footage of what happened and proved he was in the wrong.

Jeremih, we don’t want to see you end up like Lindsey Lohan and them. We need you to calm it all the way down and get it together boo!