Singer K. Michelle Responds To Court Documents That Allegedly Prove Her Abuse Story Against Memphiz Hits Was Fabricated!

Singer K. Michelle Responds To Court Documents That Allegedly Prove Her Abuse Story Against Memphiz Hits Was Fabricated!


K. Michelle’s story line on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta included her story of past abuse by Producer Memphitz Hits. Everyone doubted K. Michelle’s story, especially after Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright publicly stated that she was lying and over exaggerating what happened that night. It was hard for the public to decipher which story was actually true, but today Bossip released the court documents from the lawsuit that Memphitz Hits filed against K. Michelle, Mona Scott, & Viacom earlier this year and everyone came to the conclusion that K was dishonest. In the documents, K. Michelle was asked to detail what happened that night in the hotel when she claims Memphitz abused her. In the documents she admits that Memphitz did not punch her or bruise her face in anyway, although he did hit her in the head with a water bottle. She states that she did have bruises on her body including rug burns from being dragged across the floor by him.

We had to refresh ourselves on K. Michelle’s story  to see what all she lied about and we were surprised to find that the story she has been telling for over two years actually is consistent with what she said in the court documents. Although K. Michelle might have led us to believe that the injuries she received were more serious than she admitted in the documents, we couldn’t find a single interview where she said he punched her in the face with his hands.

In fact, we dug up her old Breakfast Club (Power 105 fm) interview where she detailed what happened that night in the hotel room (watch interview below) and it seems pretty consistent to us:

K. Michelle On What Happened In The Hotel:

“We were having a normal argument and it would get more and more intense. I think we were fighting about a performance,” she says.

“He ‘s the boss, I’m already big-mouthed and it just got ‘OK. I’m tired of this b**ch.” she admits.

“I was smothered with a towel, ya hit me in my head with a [water] bottle I was bruised up.” It was nothing small, I was bruised up, I was bleeding. I was climbing crawling to get out the door.”

In the court documents that were released, K. Michelle says that she wasn’t punched but was hit with a water bottle. She says that there wasn’t a lot of bleeding and that she was only sore the morning after the altercation. So if we say there was any discrepancy in her story, we will say it’s that she led us to believe the altercation was more intense than it was. On the show, K Michelle participated in a domestic violence PSA where she showed her face covered with bruises and a black eye (make-up) wearing a wedding dress. Now even though this could have been a representation of other domestic violence survivors, it led everyone to believe that she looked like that after her altercation with Memphitz, when in fact her face wasn’t bruised at all in the altercation. Mempthiz Hits admits that he restrained K. Michelle with his hands in an effort to calm her down because she was spazzing out and they ended up tripping and falling to the floor. He admits that he did cover her mouth with his hands (not a towel) to stop her from yelling.

In addition to this, she also shares that she got her butt done the “Drag Queen Way” and that Memphitz did not fund the operation to her behind, although he did fund her veneers and other plastic surgery. K. Michelle has admitted to getting a butt lift in the past, but what exactly is the “drag queen way”. We understand it must be shady because she didn’t receive a receipt for it.

Memphitz and Toya Wright came for K Michelle once the court documents were released, calling her a liar and a rat.

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Memphitz Hits responded via IG

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Toya Wright responded on twitter with:

I never met a bush that pop off as much as you do and then play the victim role. Girl bye.”


K. Michelle later responded to the allegations that she lied in her interview.

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Read the court documents below:


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Watch K. Michelle’s Breakfast Club Interview where she details what happened: