Sophia Body Caught Selling Her Assets For $30k?

Sophia Body Caught Selling Her Assets For $30k?

Chile did we just land on some tea today! 

Rumors have been circulating a while back about video model,Sophia Body selling her biscuits to presumably a wealthy Middle Eastern man who goes by the name of “TheLordHenson” on IG. 

The rumors came after a DM was leaked between the two. In the DM it looks like Sophia is accepting an offer of $30,000 as well as a shopping spree in exchange of courting him for the night! See pic below!

Now for those who don’t know Sophia, she has been rumored to be Safaree’s next ex after Nicki Minaj. She is an aspiring singer and was put on by Tony Yayo as well as French Montana.

Now back to the juice, for all yall wondering if it’s real or not, trust us when we say IT IS!! We gotten word from a very credible source and you know we don’t talk about it unless it’s the truth! We can’t disclose if the actual transaction did take place though.

Hopefully she has a good explanation for this ! Let’s chat below!

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