Sparkle Denies The Claims Made By Her Niece In Court--Says She Never Told Her Niece To Ask R. Kelly To Be Her Godfather

Sparkle Denies The Claims Made By Her Niece In Court–Says She Never Told Her Niece To Ask R. Kelly To Be Her Godfather

On Thursday, R. Kelly’s former goddaughter testified in court, as prosecutors say she was the teen featured in his sex tape that was the center of his child pornography trial in 2008. While testifying, the woman who has been identified as “Jane” shared that she met Kelly through her aunt, who was later identified as singer Sparkle.

While on the stand, “Jane” shared that her aunt, who she claims was romantically linked to Kelly, told her to ask him to be her godfather. It was after that things turned sexual. 

On Friday, Sparkle took to social media to denounce some of the claims made by her niece on the stand. She shared that she feels these are lies organized by her sister as a method of sabotage.

In her video, Sparkle read a statement from her phone and said,

“Not all that you heard yesterday from my niece is true. I don’t want to hinder this legal process, but to testify that I had my niece sit on Robert’s lap and rub his head and have her ask him to be her godfather is an absolute f***ing lie. You all cannot imagine the hurt that comes from pain caused by the people that you live and willing to die for.”

She proceeded to share there was another lie that was told on the stand and said,

“Robert and I were never in a romantic relationship. To show you sabotage is a highly priority within them…if Robert and I were in a romantic relationship, you and your mom was allowing you to start a relationship with him?


Check out her full statement below:

As previously related, Sparkle’s niece “Jane” took to the stand Thursday and said when she and Kelly started having sex with each other, she kept it a secret because he told her to. When asked if he ever recorded any of their sexual acts, she said yes, and said it started when she was only 14 years old.

Sparkle was one of the many women that spoke out against Kelly in the Lifetime docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly.”






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