Still Don't Understand What Kanye' 'Famous' Video Is All About? Here's The Breakdown!

Still Don’t Understand What Kanye’ ‘Famous’ Video Is All About? Here’s The Breakdown!

Last night, Kanye West dropped the highly anticipated visual for his single ‘Famous’ from his recent album, #TLOP. Kanye is very good at provoking thought and emotion into everything he does which is why he is right to call himself an artist, except this project went over a lot of people’s heads –even mine at first.

Sculptor and painter, Vincent Desiderio, was the inspiration for the video as Kanye remade his painting called Sleep and his version features a few of the world’s most talked about celebrities like #KimKardashian, #ChrisBrown, #AmberRose and #DonaldTrump taking a slumber next to each other.

Even though these people are famous and are constantly at the mercy of public opinion, #TheySleepTho. They do not give crap about what anyone thinks, because at the end of the day, they’re still famous, they’re still paid and were not, so that is the underlying message of this video!

Now, doesn’t that take you back to the old Kanye? Man, I love Kanye.

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