Suge Knight & Katt Williams Arrested And Charged With Robbery!

Suge Knight & Katt Williams Arrested And Charged With Robbery!


Not too long ago, after Suge Knight was shot in a club in Hollywood, Katt Williams did an interview with TMZ and warned us that people were out to get Suge. He said that the police knew exactly who shot Suge Knight and warned us that all would be revealed in due time.

At the time of his statement everyone called him a conspiracy theorist…and even a nutcase. Now, the two men have been charged with Robbery…does this sound a little weird to you?

According to ABC News, Katt Williams and Suge Knight were arrested and charged with robbery yesterday for allegedly robbing a Celebrity photographer of her camera last month.

Here is the killer part, Suge Knight could face up to 30 years in prison if he gets convicted for this crime. Why? Because ya’ boy has a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

According to reports, on Sept. 5 Katt and Suge were accused of robbing a paparazzo of his camera in Beverly Hills. This isn’t the first time Katt Williams was involved in some kind of drama involving a camera. Before, he was accused of breaking the windows out of a camera man’s car for videotaping him without consent. Those accusations didn’t go anywhere though…

Suge Knight was arrested in Las Vegas and is currently being held in police custody.

We will keep you updated on this story!