Taye Diggs Finalizes Divorce In 10 Year Marriage!

Taye Diggs Finalizes Divorce In 10 Year Marriage!


The 10 year long marriage between Taye Diggs and Broadway Musical Performer Idina Menzel has finally come to an official end.

The divorce was finalized quickly and secretly on December 3, exactly a year since the initial announcement of their separation was reported. It seems like the split was amicable as they were seen making appearances since then.

According to IBtimes:

Diggs, 43, told Redbook about their split: “I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I thought, Oh, man, people are going to trip out [if we split]. Maybe they thought it was cute that we met in ‘Rent,'” he says. “There weren’t a lot of couples like us in the theater community – and I know there aren’t a lot of performers as talented as she is … and then you have the whole mixed [race] thing.”

The two have a five year old son, Walker, who they say are their main priority at this time as they both try to figure out how to make the divorce as clean as possible.

It is rumored that Diggs is dating another woman since the split named Amanza Smith.

We wish the best for the both of them, glad it was a clean fight, wish more divorces could end this way.