Taylor Swifts Says Jay Z Helped Mend Her Relationship With Kanye West

Taylor Swifts Says Jay Z Helped Mend Her Relationship With Kanye West

Taylor Swift and Kanye had bad blood, once upon a time. Now, they’re buddy buddy and according Bossip, Swift believes Jay-Z was the peacemaker in their relationship

Let Taylor Swift tell it, Jay-Z schooled Kanye on respect and further mended their relationship. I know y’all remember Kanye’s infamous interruption speech in ’09 when he felt Beyoncé should have won over Taylor for MTV VMA’s Best Female Video.

Taylor had a sit down with Vanity Fair Magazine where she opened up about she and Kanye’s issue and mended friendship and attributes Jay-Z for such progress. 
“I feel like I wasn’t ready to be friends with (Kanye) until I felt he had some sort of respect for me — so it was the Issue, and we both reached the same place at the same time.” She said. 

She recalls becoming friends with Jay-z and how she felt it was important to Jay for her and Kanye to get along. The next thing she knew, both Taylor and Kanye reached a mutual understanding and state of being cordial. 

“And then Kanye and I both reached a place where he would say really nice things about my music and what I’ve accomplished, and I could ask him how his kid’s doing.”

Some might assume that was a good business move on Hov’s behalf! Either way it goes, it’s not looking like Kanye will be cutting Taylor off on any more award shows –thanks to Jay! 


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