Teens Bullied, Forced To Get On Knees And Apologize For Giving "Dirty Looks"

Teens Bullied, Forced To Get On Knees And Apologize For Giving “Dirty Looks”

It seems like in this day and age being a teenager must not be easy. The pressure of trying to fit in probably takes a toll on kids, and some use manipulating others as their source of leverage to popularity.

A video recently went viral of 14 year-old girls in England being forced on their knees because they supposedly gave “dirty looks” to 16 year-old girls.

They were completely humiliated as a crowd watched and filmed them being ordered to say “sorry” and get assaulted by the older girls who punched and hit them across the face with a purse.

The 16 year old girls also threw contents of the younger girls belongings in the street as well as broke an expensive bottle of perfume.

When did kids become this violent?

#Roommates what are some of your experiences growing up with bullying? Were you the bully or knew someone who was? Let’s talk about it

Check out the full video below: 

If you know anyone who is bullied or if you are in need of help check out the websites below:




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