Telling Your Friends Everything About Your Relationship Is A Big No-No! - Find Out Which Friends You Shouldn't Vent To!

Telling Your Friends Everything About Your Relationship Is A Big No-No! – Find Out Which Friends You Shouldn’t Vent To!


All too often women tend to vent to their friends about issues in their romantic relationship. Sure, he pissed you off, lied, and was out of line…but take a moment to think about the situation before you go blabbing your mouth to your friends. Remember, those around you care for you and are protective of your feelings! If you tell them all of the bad things that goes on in your relationship they may never forgive your love interest, even if you do!

Relationships are ultimately between two people. Those outside of the relationship don’t know all of the details of your romance, they don’t understand the pros and cons of your relationship the way you do. Men tend to make mistakes and some mistakes are unforgivable. However, you should be the one to decide what you are willing to forgive and what things are deal breakers for your relationship.

However, it all sounds easy until the ish hits the fan. If your man messes up then your emotions might be too much to contain and you may need an outlet to vent….and that’s okay. When you vent to your friends about your issues you want to choose the right friends to talk to. Here are the five types of friends most women have, and we will let you know which types are the best kind of friends to vent to about your issues…and which types you should keep in the dark!

Best Friends To Vent To:

1) Sounding Board Friend – Your “sounding board” friend is a person that will simply let you vent. They aren’t judgmental about your situation and they give you space to make your own decisions. This friend can see both sides of the situation and they remain unbiased. They know you just need someone to listen your problems, and they are willing to take your call at 3am…and just listen.

2) Reasonable Friend – Your “reasonable friend” is someone that can see both sides of the coin and is not fueled by emotion. They don’t tell you to jump in the car and ride by his house to bust the windows out of his Mercedes Benz. Instead, they give you sound advice. Maybe they tell you to pray about your situation, talk you down from the bridge, or maybe they advise you to leave. However, their opinions are based on the whole picture and not just this specific incident. Whatever decision you make going forward, they support you one hundred percent.

Worst Friends To Vent To:

3) Jealous Friend – Let’s be real, some of your friends don’t even want you to have a man at all! Some of your friends are simply waiting for the opportunity for your man to mess up so they can recruit you to the “Single Ladies Club”. You could tell this friend that your man showed up to a date 15 minutes late and they would tell you to drop him like a bad habit. This is NOT the person you want to vent to!

4) Big Mouth Friend – This friend will tell your business to anyone who will listen! They don’t even have your best interest at heart, all they want to do is hear the drama and spread it so they can talk down about your man and your relationship. This friend isn’t even concerned with what you have to say, instead they are more concerned with getting the scoop! You may call this friend to get advice, but before they could even hear what happened they are sharing your story in a group chat!

5) Holier-Than-Thou – This friend might be dating a serial killer and you wouldn’t even know it. They are so secretive about their business but the moment your man slips up they are calling you a fool! If your friend rarely shares anything with you and pretends to have a perfect relationship without any issues, then this might not be the best friend to vent to.

When dealing with relationship issues, the best thing to do is to sit in silence and think. I’m not talking about an hour either, you need to think for days…maybe even a week. Then once you have thought things through and become level-headed choose the friends that you want to talk to about the situation wisely. Or maybe you find that you don’t need to mention the issue at all, whatever you choose, just take your time and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Next, you should pray. The only advice that stays consistent is the advice from God. Some may find it silly to talk to God about relationship issues, but you should talk to the most high about any matters of the mind, body, heart, and soul!