The Cosby Effect": Hugh Hefner Has Been Added To Cosby Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The Cosby Effect”: Hugh Hefner Has Been Added To Cosby Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Former Playboy mistress, Chole Goins, is back at it again with more sexual assault allegations but this time she has added some new names to her lawsuit!

For those who don’t know Goins had accused Bill Cosby of raping her at the Playboy Mansion back in 2008 well TMZ has just reported on some even juicer details that might catch you by surprise!

In a new lawsuit, Goins is alleging that Hugh Hefner was the reason behind her sexual assault since Hefner was the one who originally introduced them…. girl …

Goins is also claiming that Hefner had full knowledge of Cosby’s sexual misconduct but always invited “young and impressionable and possibly minor children to his residence and providing alcoholic beverages.”

In the original lawsuit, Goins stated that she passed out after Cosby spiked her drink and woke up to see her toes in his mouth. And lawd if this story doesn’t get messier!!!! Insurance companies are giving Cosby a bad name too!

Usually celebrities and athletes get these specially written “umbrella policies” that can protect them from certain lawsuits. But ever since this whole Cosby ordeal has taken place, insurance policies are saying, “no!”

TMZ reported that insurance insiders are claiming that insurance companies are scared of ” The Cosby Effect” on their current and prospective clients because they may have to pay millions of dollars to any alleged victims!

In the past, insurance companies would be happy to write these special policies, but now, they’re definitely thinking twice.

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