The Shade Room Sits Down With Yung Berg To Discuss "Masika's Interlude" And The Complexities Of Being The Underdog!!

The Shade Room Sits Down With Yung Berg To Discuss “Masika’s Interlude” And The Complexities Of Being The Underdog!!

Last night, The Shade Room had the pleasure of sitting down with one of Love and Hip Hop’s most controversial stars, Yung Berg, to listen to his new song called “Masika’s Interlude” as well as dish on Love and Hip Hop tea and discuss his daily grind to the top! 

As for Masika’s Interlude, the track is actually introduced by Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and that adequately indicates the overall tone of “Masika’s Interlude”. Berg wrote the song about his on camera romance with Masika and wanting women to be empowered enough to be out here respecting themselves.

Some of the lyrics go:

Ohhh oh oh just a woman that knows how to respect herself, baby
How many times did I call your phone
Was I on your mind when you were alone
Oh baby, why you gotta treat me so bad
Said you love me and you want me and you need me 
I was all you had. 

Sometimes I feel lust
Like you need someone other than me. 
Baby if there’s a doubt in your mind 
I’m a good woman, I’m a good woman
Every man needs someone“

You can check out the video here on World Star Hip Hop!

As far as reality television, Berg was met with challenges from the jump, because he came onto Love and Hip Hop filming with a different love interest, so, being portrayed as a dog dulled a bit of his shine from his current grind in the industry. Berg said ” They can’t just respect me for my music. I’ve been in the game so long that I’ve learned to ignore the negative comments. I just want people to respect my talent.” The artist feels that his current image on Love and Hip Hop has completely shifted the watchers’ attention from the whole point of the show which is to showcase his talent. 

We went on to talk about how Hollywood has a way of making things seem differently then how they really are. He casually mentions that Hazel E’s manager is actually Berg’s blood-brother! Also he wished that Love and Hip Hop showcased his Hazel-E project pursuits and how he ultimately had to push her project to the side due to the fact that he had Nicki Minaj calling him to work on The Pinkprint. 

“A lot of my castmates hustle and depend on television checks, but my income comes from the publishing industry which I think a lot of people don’t ever pay attention to (talking about his accomplishments). I understand that after my first two hits in the music industry that I went into the artist purgatory and knew that I needed to get on my grind and use Love and Hip Hop to show that I’m not that artist but I have a lot of talent.” 

He tells us that after he had spent some time in “Hop Hop Purgatory” he decided that while he’s “ascending again, [he] can’t attach [himself] to anything that’s not 100%.” Berg goes on to say, “N*ggas is waiting to scrutinize anything I say”, B. Young adding that, “The Shade Room has a huge following, so we might see a lot of shade being thrown in the comments on TSR, however the music always carries itself further than an artist’s personal business. 

Yung Berg is in such a good place, not willing to let anyone take away from his grind. He’s written and/or produced for a plethora of artists and has a lot of hits under his belt that music head posers are totally oblivious to. So, before y’all start coming for the Hitmaka, let us read you some receipts. The rapper produced Driicky Graham’s Snap Backs & Tattoos, co-produced “The One” sung by Tamar Braxton as well as Anybody Want A Buy A Heart, Want Some More, Favorite and Shanghai, all of which were on Nicki Minaj’s #1 album The Pinkprint just to mention a few. 

After all of the drama unfurled during the end of filming for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Berg knew that he needed to focus on what got him in this position which was MUSIC. This encouraged a paradigm shift in his grind, earning his right to work with top artists like Nicki Minaj on The PinkPrint, as well as pop sensation Jason Derulo and VH-1’s own, K.Michelle. Berg played some un-released music for TSR and we’re just wondering why some of these artists’ teams are not jumping on these records and pushing them in the markets! Jason Derulo has been trying to break through to the Urban market for years and the hit that these two have drummed up might just have the girls screaming! 

We asked what was his biggest project with the most feedback and Berg said that it would definitely be Nicki’s “Favorite”. “It was one of everyone’s favorite songs on the record and I think it’s crazy that I can look on social media and there is always someone quoting either her verse or the hook that me and Jermih penned. I also appreciated that a lot of the other records (Want Some More, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, and Shanghai) were also some of the top favorites on the album.”

Believe it or not, Yung Berg is an extremely humble person and even more thankful for the past couple of years that he has been blessed to snatch his songwriting skills together and really build his production credits. Berg is about to come hard for those of you who are doubting his stature in the music industry. 


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