Theories Revealed Behind The Meek Allegation That Someone In TI's Camp Pissed On Drake

Theories Revealed Behind The Meek Allegation That Someone In TI’s Camp Pissed On Drake

So as you know Funk Flex finally dropped Meek Mill’s diss track, I Wanna Know, in efforts to save the little creditability that he has left. We can’t confirm or deny if he successfully saved his career in doing so but Meek did drop some knowledge on listeners that now has us wanting to know a few things.

We think the biggest bomb he dropped on the song is when he said  “You let TIP homie piss on you in a movie theater, we ain’t forget.” At first listen it could have been taken as a he said/she said innie that never made it out to the public until now. 

And Lil Duval thought he was low with his tweets but BOOP :

He tried to then save face and delete it but the damage was already done:  


Now here comes the moment you all been waiting for! Our friends over at Bossip have come up with two stories that have been corroborated by some creditable people. 

According to Bossip,

As story #1 goes, Drake was enjoying a lovely evening at one of Atlanta’s most popular stripping establishments with TI and his crew a few years back. As the evening progressed and alcohol continued to flow, Drake got very comfortable with one of TI’s good female friends — i.e. “Tip’s homie.” With time, apparently the turn-up got a little TOO real for the young lady and she got pissy drunk — literally. While seated on Drake’s lap, she lost control of her bladder and ended up moistening Papi’s pants. Everyone had quite the laugh at Drake’s expense, but the story was never repeated publicly…until now. 

They go on to say that Meek may have said “movie theater” because rappers have been known to call clubs a “movie” when it’s a popping party.

If that story didn’t make sense to you have no fear there’s a story number two !! Here’s what sources told Bossip in the second story:

“…there’s a different version of events where Drake really was pissed on by a man at a movie theater. Back in 2010, Drake attended the Hollywood premiere of Takers, and ended up seated with TI and his crew. At the time, one of TI’s best friends Cap was out on parole from a life sentence in prison, and attended the premiere to support his boy. Cap was apparently having the time of his life at the premiere…and got very drunk in the process. Once the movie started, he sat next to Drake.At some point during the evening, Cap’s liquor ran through him and it was time for a bathroom break. We’re assuming they must have been seated toward the middle of the aisle or somewhere difficult to manuever through…but either way it goes Cap must have decided that it wasn’t worth making the full trip to the restroom. Instead being the “savage” that our source referenced, he simply whipped out his peen and peed on the surface closest to him — Drake. Drake didn’t make a scene at the time, but instead quietly confronted Tip later asking, ‘What’s up with your man using me as a toilet? F**k is that s**t about?'”

This one could also be passed off as just a rumor but then again someone got caught tweeting info that backs up this claim too:

Julia Beverly tweets:


It could have been that both stories actually did take place or maybe just one either way that’s gross!!! 

Let’s chat below!!

Sources Sited: Bossip


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