Thirsty Reality Star Deelishis Speaks Out About Wiz Khalifa- "He Isn't Married!" (New Pics & Video Inside)

Thirsty Reality Star Deelishis Speaks Out About Wiz Khalifa- “He Isn’t Married!” (New Pics & Video Inside)

Y’all know Deelishis from “Flavor Of Love” on Vh1 is as thirsty as a cactus. After all, we met her when she was competing for Flava Flav, that speaks for itself.

Not to mention we busted her out for allegedly messing around with a teenage high school boy a few months ago. The TEA came with receipts that you can read here.

Basically what we are trying to say is that Deelishis is as thirsty and crazy as they come and Wiz Khalifa is a fool if he’s trying to do anything other than what Flava Flav did….which is hit and quit it.

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Deelishis uploaded a picture to Instagram the other day of her and Wiz cuddled up. It made a lot of people suspicious and she was slammed for dating a married man.

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Deelishis confirms that Wiz is single and that they are friends that are getting to know each other.

Everybody knows that Wiz is for everybody right now. Just click here and here and read some of our exclusives about him.

In an interview with Bijou Star she addressed the rumors head on.

Deelishis says that she met Wiz after the news hit that he divorced Amber Rose. She said that he reached out to her shortly after that happened and they began hanging out. She says they are attracted to each other and they are just going to go with the flow and see where it goes.

She also says that she doesn’t think Amber Rose would be happy with this, but she doesn’t want to hurt her. She would fully support Wiz if he wanted to get back with Amber too! Side eye.


Watch the interview below: