Tiny Releases New Video For Her Song About T.I. & T.I Releases Song About Tiny & Shekinah (Video Inside)

Tiny Releases New Video For Her Song About T.I. & T.I Releases Song About Tiny & Shekinah (Video Inside)

tiny and t.i.

Tiny just released the video for her new song, “What The F*** You Gon Do” which seems to be about her marriage with T.I. Her love interest in the video is even a T.I. look alike, with a shot in the video that resembles last season’s opening scene of their show “Family Hustle”. Not to mention, there are scenes with her wearing her wedding dress and visiting her man in jail. We all know Tiny was ride or die for T.I. while he was locked up on gun charges, and he has definitely put his wife through it.

The song is about a woman who is fed up with her man doing  her wrong and is ready to leave the relationship. Tiny even sheds a tear in the video while singing, “If I leave, what the f*** you gon’ do”. Her best friend Shekinah is even featured as one of her girlfriends in the video. While we think Tiny is doing entirely too much with her body movement and facial expressions in the video, we applaud her for making a comeback to music.

T.I. also released a song that is seemingly about their marriage also. Read some of the lyrics below:

Remember when you got a tattoo, put my name on it.
Put you in a wedding dress with a train on it.
I went spent a whole mill just to go chill in Miami
I’ll be damned if she don’t know my love real.
How dare you compare me to dude? Girl, chill.
Might be so close up on it you don’t see what it is.
Shawty, I’ll die, kill for you if you keep it real.
Go to jail. Even if I gotta kneel, I will.

I ain’t trippin cuz you caught me out there.
But your reaction to it pushed mefurther out there.

I can’t see you with no me.
But you left me, and I’m just me.
So I’m gon be what they gon be.
And I know he want you, but they want me.
Girl, together or apart. I bet you’ll be forever in my heart.
I swear. If anything we end it here I know it’s hard.
I’ll never love that way again, I swear to God.
I be breakin down. You be playin hard.
She chose to bid low. Watch how you play your cards.
And now you runnin round town with education-hatin broad.
Goin at me, got me hot. But hol up. How is they involved?
And you can’t say that I ain’t changed
your whole life since we met that day.
And when we get it right, God bless that day.
But until then, I just pray.”

He said, “you hanging around those education-hatin hoes”. Chile Tip really can’t stand Shekinah!

Watch Tiny’s Video and Listen To T.I.’s track below: