Tiny Talks About Permanently Changing Her Eye Color In Africa - "Tip Didn't Like It At First"

Tiny Talks About Permanently Changing Her Eye Color In Africa – “Tip Didn’t Like It At First”

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Tiny (Tameka Harris) has been the topic of discussion ever since she revealed that she permanently changed her eye color to ice gray. It seems as if everyone had an opinion about this. While some think that it’s her prerogative, others felt that she was setting a bad example for young girls.

The surgery is currently illegal in the United States, so Tiny traveled to Africa to have the procedure done. She admits to her eyesight being blurry after the surgery, but she is sure she will be ok. When the interviewer asked Tiny how she felt the first time she looked into the mirror after surgery she said, “I felt amazing!”

She also revealed that her husband Tip wasn’t too happy about the surgery. He told her she was cray-cray but she says his biggest concern is that she’s safe. Many people believe that Tiny is suffering from self-esteem issues, including us. She’s also a role model by default and I’m sure she’s influenced many women to have their eye color changed.

The truth is that the procedure is extremely dangerous and could potentially result in a loss of eye sight.

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