Toya Wright Confirms Her Divorce

Toya Wright Confirms Her Divorce

Toya Wright visited The Big Tigger Show where she clarified some rumors swirling about herself and her husband Memphitz working things out in their marriage. If you recall, they appeared on Marriage Bootcamp which usually means that a couple is desperately trying to stay together, however Toya is saying that this isn’t the case for them…anymore.

She says that their season of Marriage Bootcamp was filmed over a year ago when they were trying to work things out, but that ship has sailed, chile! Toya told Tigger that their marriage is, in fact, ovahhh and that they’ll be divorcing soon.

“We’re not together, that’s no secret. We are getting a divorce,” she said. The author continued, “I’m at a new place in my life. I don’t [care] what nobody has to say. Imma live my life and do what I do. You gon’ judge me regardless. Imma live my life!”

There you have it, Roommates! With that being said, who do you guys think would make Toya a happy lady now that (on paper) she’s about to be single?