Travis Scott Squashes Beef With AirCanada!!

Travis Scott Squashes Beef With AirCanada!!

Yesterday we posted Travis Scott going in on Air Canada Airlines because he alleged someone stole his bracelet.


He apparently went in so hard because the Cartier bracelet happened to be a family heirloom that was given to him by his late grandfather. According to, “this [ Cartier Bracelet] is something he always has on his wrist to remember the man that meant the world to him.”


He took to social media calling the airlines “thieving mother*ckers and even posted a woman who he said was calling the cops on him!






Anyways after calling in to DJ Whoo Kid to blast the airline some more fans took it upon themselves to find his prized possession and look at God, it was found!


He called back into DJ Whoo Kid to thank his fans for their efforts and explained that it was found on the plane itself. Maybe someone had a change of heart or it was simply misplaced, we will never know. With fans like his who needs Drake anyways right? Let’s chat below!



Sources Sited: AllNewHipHop



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