TSR Exclusive: Dang Trey Songz That's How You Feel About August Alsina? Caught You Being FAKE!

TSR Exclusive: Dang Trey Songz That’s How You Feel About August Alsina? Caught You Being FAKE!


It’s something in the air in Philly that have people actin’ up! If you recall, Trey Songz and August Alsina used to be thick as thieves. However, they fell out when August Alsina tried to do a show with Trey Songz and Trey demanded too much money. August Alsina felt Trey had too much pride, but what that little bird didn’t realize is that Trey had definitely paid his dues and has the right to demand more money! Now after they fell out it became a touchy subject. You couldn’t even ask August about Trey without him getting pissed. Case in point, when Keisha Chante asked August about Trey Songz he blew up (below):

Well after all of that happened Trey Songz and August Alsina supposedly squashed their beef. They even performed at the BET Awards together.  Clearly they were being fake for the TV because Trey Songz just WENT IN on a fan for mentioning August Alsina last night at his show in Philly.

According to DJ Millz the fan went up to Trey and asked him for a picture. After taking a picture with him she said, “Thanks even though you aren’t August Alsina.” Now that h** was out of line and SHE TRIED IT…we can admit that. However, if a fan mentioned our friend/brother we wouldn’t get THIS mad. We would curse her out and keep it moving. Trey took the girls iPhone (that ain’t cheap) and SLAMMED it on the concrete! Yo boo-boo…..email us if you want a new phone…we will be ya lawyer! Ain’t no way you are going to pay for a new phone because Trey baby is still in his feelings about August! We can probably get you some emotional distress money too! Hehe

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