TSR Exclusive: Karrueche & Chris Brown Are Officially Back Together!

TSR Exclusive: Karrueche & Chris Brown Are Officially Back Together!



(Chris Brown and Karrueche have been through it all together)

Not long ago, Karrueche and Chris Brown had a break-up heard around the world. It had to be the messiest break-up of 2014 and they definitely take the award for the most complicated couple. We’ve lost track of the amount of times they have broken up and gotten back together, but this time we all believed it was officially over.

Chris Brown publicly outed Karrueche for dating Drake (which she denies), having threesomes, and not supporting him during his time in jail (she denies). It may not sound that deep, but her family had to read those headlines everywhere because there was no way they could escape it.



Well, we received a tip from inside the crew that Karrueche & Chris Brown are back together. You already know we have our pics to back it up. Karrueche refuses to give Chris the title of “boyfriend” just yet because she wants to make him work for it. However, her friends say they are talking and texting on the phone and they have been going out together this week.

Karrueche vowed to never speak to Chris again but he manages to send messages through her friends and she eventually breaks down and contacts him. She goes through the motions of blocking and unblocking his number. They embrace the fact that their love is different. Crazy is what we call it.

We told Karrueche on Twitter that she can find herself a rich Prince in India. Janet Jackson found her a boo overseas and she’s been happy ever since. Chris Brown is fine and talented but he is truly cray-cray. That’s the truth whether you like it or not. It seems like he really loves her but she needs a HEALTHY love.

Now it’s time to drop the receipts:

Exhibit A) Karrueche and Chris Brown were both spotted at Pinz Bowling Center two nights ago. Karrueche was there with her best friends and Chris also showed up.





Exhibit B) Chris Brown performed “Drunk Texting” with Jhene Aiko at Club Nokia last night. Yes, you guessed it. Karrueche and her besties showed up to support him in concert. Karrueche met up with Chris Brown for a late night talk afterwards too.





What y’all think about this reunion?