TSR EXCLUSIVE: Lil' Mo's Hubby Karl Dargan Has An Angry Sidechick - She Gave Us His Nude Photos And Proof He Might Swing Both Ways!

TSR EXCLUSIVE: Lil’ Mo’s Hubby Karl Dargan Has An Angry Sidechick – She Gave Us His Nude Photos And Proof He Might Swing Both Ways!


Lil’ Mo of R&B Divas recently divorced her second husband Phillip because she felt that he was cheating after having a threesome with him and noticing that he and the third party had a little too much chemistry. Lil’ Mo ended her 6 year marriage with her Ex-Husband in May of 2013 and since then she has found a new beau..Boxer DynamiteKO (Karl Dargan) who she plans to marry. Karl Dargan is 29 years old, a young one, who surprisingly has a 15-0 record…well at least until today. Take this “L” Bruh!


Allegedly he had a sidechick named “ChiChe” who he upset pretty bad. Allegedly she was happy being a sidechick until Karl mentioned something that made her gaydar go off. After that, she decided to put him on blast. She sent in screenshots from text messages she claims they had, and his nude photos! The crazy part is, the girl has so many receipts it’s hard not to believe! From the looks of these texts, he just might be playing both sides of the FIELD!

Here’s What She Had To Say:

First off this is my first time exposing a “baller” well not really a “baller” more like a “fighter” not so much of that neither more like “amateur fighter” with his 15-0 record at that LOL his name is “Karl Sharif Dargan” yeah I know that name probably don’t ring a bell I haven’t heard of him either until he followed me (Foxxy_Chiche) first on his twitter account (DynamiteKO) and I followed him back because I saw his twitter account was verified so I knew he had to be someone famous. Well of course as soon as he saw me follow back he hopped in my DM’s, well come to find out he is LIL MO (THELILMOSHOW) husband at first I was going keep it to myself until he texted me some off the wall GAY sh*t that I wasn’t cool with he asked me if I mind letting a “a guy to watch us while he masterbates he gotta have a big (bleep) tho” Those were the exact words he texted my phone and said (I’ll screen shot you the messages in a separate email because I have to send it through my phone) That nasty s**t just made me throw up in my mouth all over again just even thinking about it… WHY would a heterosexual man want another man to masterbate and watch him have do the do??????? IF that does not READ GAY I don’t know what will. ANYWAYS, I’m reporting this story to you so people can not only see these n****s not loyal but they’re also DOWN LOW in the closet men that NEEDS to be EXPOSED !!!!!!!


Zayummm, Lil’ Mo come get your man! You have to pick better companions boo!

To See The Receipts That The Side Chick Provided Below, Click Through The Gallery:

By the way, we did a quick follower check, and he is definitely following her as of now. TEA.