#TSRBreakUps : "Dear TSR, Help Me Get My Girl Brittnee Brown Back!"

#TSRBreakUps : “Dear TSR, Help Me Get My Girl Brittnee Brown Back!”


#TSRBreakUps : Meet Brittnee Brown and J Dunn. I wrote into us asking if we could aid him in getting his girl back. He did some really stupid things but he now realizes exactly how deep his love is for her: “I’m owning my faults, but also owning the fact that I really love this girl. She has two small kids and I love them like they’re my own kids. I’ve been in a relationship before but I’ve never ever took anyone serious as to where all I needed was just one woman. Sad to say I’m 32 and I’m still learning how to love. I mean love someone the right way.

Sometimes I know my actions don’t go along with what real love is suppose to be like but like I said I’m learning. I’m a work in progress. I need her to know and understand that sometimes things get tough shyt gets real hell you gotta go through something to get where you have to be or wanna be. I’m learning the things she likes and dislike and I find out through my actions or from my actions wat hurts her and wat makes her happy.

Once again this is my very first time wanting to be with only one female. I’m just ready to settle down make her happy and soon enough make her my wife. I know wat I feel for her is real.”—- Y’all let “Brittnee Itdntgetnobetta Brown” (FB) that we’re waiting for your response! ❤️