#TSRExclusive: Beyoncé's Background Singer, Montina Cooper, Talks New Music & Overcoming Depression

#TSRExclusive: Beyoncé’s Background Singer, Montina Cooper, Talks New Music & Overcoming Depression

#BeyHive, get in here!! I know that many of you have witnessed a performance or two…thousand of Beyoncé’s from over the years, right? Well, if you have, then you know that the singer has a trio of beautiful ladies who act as a vocal reinforcement during performances and they call themselves #TheMamas! I had the pleasure of speaking with Montina Cooper (@montinacooper) who is the middle singer with legs for daysss.

Before she started singing with #Beyonce, Cooper had actually began her background career with the one and only Mary J. Blige after being discovered by her. She believes that the R&B legend deeply connected with the truthfulness of her voice. “I’ve always sang from an honest emotional place,” Cooper said. “Anyone can always connect to what I was singing.”

The source of her soulfulness comes from a difficult past that could have cost her her life. At the tender age of 12, Cooper’s father abandoned her and her family and it ultimately led her to binge eat which was followed by a deep depression. For many girls who grow up without their fathers, the void that’s left can make you feel unwanted, so why even continue on with life if the person who gave you life doesn’t even want to be around you?

When Cooper was 18, she told me that she attempted suicide. “I had swallowed some pills and lied on the couch just waiting to die, but then my phone rang and it was my friend. She told me that I had called her, but I didn’t, yet that phone call saved my life. She called 911 and by the time I got to the hospital, they didn’t think I would make it, but God saved me.”

This experience is what her new single “Saved Me” is all about! Some of the lyrics read:

You found me lost and confused
Running around in the haze of a heartache
I was one who didn’t think that I
Would ever fall again
But you came and you caught me

Out of nowhere you just appeared
No one expected but I’m glad that you’re here
You saved me with your superhuman power
You saved the day

If you’ve ever battled with heartache or depression and have found solace in God, then you will love this song. Her vocals are so powerful and will impact you enough to get through your battles! Her new album “Closer” is available everywhere including iTunes and Apple Music!

Thank you for stepping into The Shade Room, Montina! The Formation World Tour begins its European leg in 9 days, so enjoy your vacation, girl!

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