#TSRPositiveImage Spotlight: Anthony D. Ross From Homeless To A College Grad

#TSRPositiveImage Spotlight: Anthony D. Ross From Homeless To A College Grad

At TSR we are not only about serving you the tea hot, but also to promote positivity!

We came to hear about Anthony D. Ross and his amazing story of hope, inspiration, and dedication.

He came from a broken home where at 13 lost his grandmother, never knew his father, and had a drug addict mother.

Him and his siblings faced the unimaginable when their mother who was high on drugs, tried to murder them…with a meat cleaver! They fled the house that had no water or electricity in search of a better upbringing.

Ross ended up homeless and separated from his sisters as they joined their father’s side of the family.

He wound up seeping in cars and homeless shelters throughout Washington DC before finally landing a job at Starbucks and Ruby Tuesday.

He longed to have an education and ended up  enrolling in a G.E.D program while working both jobs. After he earned his G.E.D he self taught himself through books, tutors and YouTube, in preparation to take the SAT.

Ross got accepted to college and ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA!!!

He is now aspiring to earn his law degree in hopes of one day becoming the President of The United States!!

Anthony D. Ross you are a true #TSRInspiration and #TSRPositiveImage!

Check out Anthony on IG: @Anthony_d_ross

We want you all to know no matter what you are facing or going through in life know that you can get out of it! Don’t let your current circumstances determine your future.

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