Two Of Bobbi Kristina's Family Members Accuse Whitney Houston's Sister-In-Law Of Setting Her Up! 

Two Of Bobbi Kristina’s Family Members Accuse Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law Of Setting Her Up! 


You know what, this case is getting really strange. Just this past Wednesday Nick Gordon was acting a stone fool on Dr. Phil. A week before that Jerod Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s first cousin, wrote a message on Facebook accusing Pat Houston (Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law) of having something to do with what happened to Bobbi. Here’s what he said: “Auntie Whitney was murdered not drowned. That’s a fact. Now the whole bathroom plot shows up again w/ Bobbi Kristina’s situation. C’mon are you people that bold to try to perform this act again on my family?”

We ignored his Facebook post because the Bobby Brown family made it clear that they are not messing with Jerod right now. 

We started looking deeper into this accusation when Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt accused Pat Houston and Nick Gordon of having something to do with the incident in an interview with TMZ

Bobbi’s Aunty said that she doesn’t know if Pat Houston had a direct hand in the situation, but she feels as though she was involved. She also did not shy away from saying that she is certain that someone set Bobbi Kristina up. Her conclusion is allegedly based on specifics of the ongoing investigation into the incident.

I mean, Pat Houston was the one who encouraged Bobbi Kristina to do a television show shortly after her Mother passed away. They painted Bobbi to be a crazy, rebellious, drug-addicted teenager. Instead of trying to pimp her out for TV money they should have comforted her in private! 

What we really want to know is if Pat Houston would get any money if the unthinkable happened to Bobbi Kristina. If so, case solved…throw her in the slamma!