Update: Culprits May Have Given Themselves Up During Robbery At Chris Brown's Home

Update: Culprits May Have Given Themselves Up During Robbery At Chris Brown’s Home

There has been an update on the Chris Brown home invasion that took place yesterday and it looks like his mother might have been  right.

TMZ reports that the police may have found a lead on who was behind the robbery and it is most likely someone who knew about the payout the singer received for the club appearance he did that night.

Chris had received $50,000 in cash for hosting a pre-ESPY party at Argyle Nightclub, an event that was publicized and also made him an easy target. 

Officials say the culprits may have tailed Chris all the way to the club, giving the others in on the robbery the green light when the coast was clear. 

His aunt says that the thieves also let it slip that they knew he was at the club so they needed to move quick as well as having knowledge of the $50k Chris had received from the club. 

Funny thing is Chris doesn’t normally have that kind of cash just laying around and only someone who knew that he had recently been paid in a fortune in cash would have known to ask for it. Let alone ask for the specific amount that he received.

Word is that only a few people knew about the large cash payout and that most likely  the promoter may have been the ringleader behind the robbery.

Yesterday after news broke on the incident Chris Brown’s mother posted this on Twitter:


It looks like mother always knows best! Let’s chat below!!

Sources sited : TMZ


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