Stylist Calls Police On Dissatisfied Client For Refusal To Pay For Hairstyle

VIDEO: Stylist Calls Police On Client After She Refused To Pay For Hairstyle That Was A “Hot Mess”

A hair stylist was determined to get her coins from an unsatisfied customer who refused to pay. It appears the customer was seeking a faux locs look. After the stylist completed the service, the customer inspected her hair and verbalized her dissatisfaction. In a series of videos recorded by the customer, the women exchange words over the service and payment. Eventually, the stylist threatens to call the police to get her money.

In one of the initial videos, the stylist, while off-camera, asked the customer to explain what she didn’t like about the style. She also reminded the customer that she reviewed her work before booking. However, the customer fired back, saying the completed style didn’t match the stylist’s other work.

The stylist also mentioned the customer’s hair color as a reason why the style doesn’t look like any example pictures.

“I’ve had locs before and I’ve had color on it, but it’s never this puffy,” the customer replied.

Customer Asks For A Refund On Her DepositStylist Refuses

When the hairstylist asked for a resolution, the customer asked for a refund of her deposit. She gave the hairdresser the option of cutting out the “puffy” locs. But, the entrepreneur wasn’t feeling that.

“If you have a problem with paying me, you know you can…go to jail for that right,” the stylist responded.

But the customer didn’t back down. Instead, she explained again that she didn’t like the outcome of the service and was okay with letting the stylist take it out. The customer also seemingly revealed the deposit was 50 percent of the style’s cost.

Things continued to escalate between the two. Finally, the hairdresser told the customer if she wanted the locs removed, it meant paying a takedown fee on top of the remaining install fee. After a slight pause, the stylist said, “I’ll just call Fulton County,” referring to local Atlanta police.

The customer doesn’t push back on calling the cops. Instead, she encouraged the hairdresser to make the call to law enforcement.

At that point, the disagreement spilled over from the stylist’s place of business into a parking lot.

Stylist Calls The Police On Customer From A Parking Lot

Both women were standing in a parking lot as the hairdresser spoke on the phone to the police. The customer, who had recorded most of the interaction, stood nearby.

“This woman here has put this hot mess in my head and is now calling the cops on me because I don’t want to pay for it and asked her to take it down,” the customer said—panning the camera to show the stylist.

In the background, the stylist explained to the police that her customer refused to pay after she rendered a service. At one point, she accused the customer of trying to leave the premises without payment and yelling in the parking lot. However, the videos don’t show either to be accurate, and the customer accuses the stylist of lying to the police.

After making the 911 call, the stylist tells the customer, “you can leave.” But the customer insists she’d like to wait for the police to get there so she can explain her side.

Police Determine Customer Must Pay For The Services

Once police arrived and assessed the situation, the police officer determined the stylist was in the right.

“Here’s what I can tell you. The finished product is already finished,” the officer said. “Service is already done, which means you have to pay her for that service.”

But, the officer explained the customer’s future options. First, he said she could get a copy of the police report and try to sue in civil court.

“I feel like she knew that she messed up and that’s why she called the police so she can get her money. And that’s so ridiculous,” the customer said.

The police explained he couldn’t determine whether the stylist’s actions were ridiculous. But, as of the day of the incident, she had to pay the stylist a balance of $100 to avoid going to jail.

Afterward, the woman revealed on her Instagram Story that she decided to pay to avoid spending her son’s birthday in jail. By the next day, she had gotten the botched style taken down and redone by someone else.

Scroll through the videos below to see the interactions with the stylist and police. 


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