Watch Momma Dee's Official Music Video For "I Deserve" Inside! (MUST SEE!)

Watch Momma Dee’s Official Music Video For “I Deserve” Inside! (MUST SEE!)

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Now while everyone is hating on Momma Dee, this video is actually pretty good. The video has an excellent message and if Momma Dee wasn’t the character that she is we could really get into it. Now, her voice may be harsh to the ears….but we can’t lie the song is starting to grow on us! We might be blasting this in our car in a few weeks if we keep hearing “I deserve…I deserve to be loveeedd.”

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Now the video was shot by Todd Uno. This is the same producer she got into an altercation with and accused of trying to steal her money and not release her video. The other day she took to Twitter to blast him and said that she would “sue him” for taking her money and running with it. It seems her twitter blast worked because she released her video a couple of days later.

The video also features her family members like Scrappy and her granddaughter.

Ok y’all….we need you to let us know if you will be bumping this in your whip!