Reali-TEA! Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Premiere Episode Recap!

Reali-TEA! Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Premiere Episode Recap!

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Just when you thought the Love & Hip Hop franchise was going downhill, Mona Scott pulls another trick out of her bag to keep it alive! The premiere episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood already has us hooked and excited for “Ratchet Mondays” again.

In this episode, we meet the cast and learn all about their dramatic situations.

Singers Teairra Mari and Ray J used to date each other but broke up 8 months ago. During that time he hooked up with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend Princess Love. Teairra has Ray J’s name tattooed on her side (girl why did you do that?) and she can’t seem to let him go. Too bad Ray J has moved on and is completely in love with his new boo.

Omarion from the boy band B2K is anticipating the birth of his son by his longtime girlfriend Apryl Jones. The only problem is that Omarion’s Mother feels like Apryl is creating a wedge in her relationship with her son. Omarion’s Mom feels like Apryl is taking away her bread and butter because he has slowly but surely stopped paying all of her bills.

Lil Fizz (also a former member of B2K) now prefers to go by his real name Druex. Druex’s issue is his crazy Baby Mother Moniece who he once had a temporary restraining order against. Moniece is currently dealing with some financial issues and as a result most of the burden of taking care of their son rests on Druex. Moniece hopes to be able to provide for their child through the launch of her new sex toy line.

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Soulja Boy is madly in love with his on and off girlfriend Nia Riley (Teddy Riley’s daughter). They met each other years ago but the relationship went sour. During their time apart Nia had a baby with another man and now Soulja is stepping up to the plate to be a father figure for the 1 year old baby. They plan to move into together but Nia is concerned about Soulja’s past infidelity.

Morgan Hardman (Ray J’s Assistant) throws Ray J a celebration party and he insists on inviting both his girlfriend Princess and Teairra to the event. Now he’s a fool if he didn’t think things would hit the fan. When Teairra found out that Princess might have possibly thrown away her belongings that she left at Ray J’s house, she decided that it was time for both of them to cut her a check to replace it.

Only problem is, Ray J paid for all of her belongings that she left and he had no plans of writing her a check. Peeping that Ray J and Teairra were having a conversation in the corner, Princess decided to approach Teairra about the yeast infection medicine that she found while going through her belongings that she left with Ray J. After that, it was a wrap y’all! Teairra threw a drink in Princess’ face and it was all downhill from there.