White House Staffer Arrested For Firing Shot At Boyfriend 

White House Staffer Arrested For Firing Shot At Boyfriend 

A White House staffer went and lost her cool after work hours!

Barvetta Singletary, a special assistant to the President and House legislative affairs liaison, is on unpaid leave and had her access to the White House revoked!

Singletary and her lover, who is a U.S. Capital Police officer, were sexting each other and planning a rendezvous at her place.

The only problem is things didn’t exactly go as planned. When he arrived at her crib they had their fun until Singletarty started questioning him about another chick, total mood kill!

She then tried to access his cell phones from his truck but when he wasn’t having it she reached in his bag and grabbed his gun!

Chile she straight lost it! She demanded passwords and errthang at gun point and he still wasn’t budging so she ended up firing off while her dude went running!

A hot mess! She ended up being charged with first and second degree assault and reckless endangerment. She was released on $75,000 bail.

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