White Supremacist Leader Mentioned in Dylann Roof's Manifeso, Donated Funds to 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

White Supremacist Leader Mentioned in Dylann Roof’s Manifeso, Donated Funds to 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

By now you have been following the Dylann Roof case, the man who cold-heartedly murdered 9 innocent African Americans in Charleston, SC last week. It turns out he was influenced by Earl Holt, white supremacist leader.

His “manifesto” was inspired by information on “black on white crime” posted on Holt’s Council of Conservative Citizens website.

Holt, who has continuously been a donor for various Republican candidates, said his group does not advocate violence and shouldn’t be responsible for Dylann’s actions. Interesting, considering they supplied the information that inspired the hate crime.

Holt has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates which include 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as well as 2016 candidates Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and Rand Paul to name a few.

In light of the recent events and not wanting damaging press, The Presidential candidates that received donations from Holt have given back the money or donated it.

A spokesman for Cruz, a Texas senator running for office next year, made this statement “We just learned this evening that Mr. Holt had contributed to the campaign, We will be immediately refunding all those donations.”

Looks like no one wants to be tied to this whole mess and we don’t blame them. I wonder if Holt wasn’t publicly outed but they knew about it, would their integrity still stand the same? Hmmm.


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