Will 'Scandal' Be Returning In The Fall?

Will ‘Scandal’ Be Returning In The Fall?

It’s no secret that #KerryWashington is expecting her second child, but what does that mean for scandal? During Washington’s first pregnancy she continued to film ‘Scandal,’ and admitted in an interview that is was ‘tough.’ It seems Washington is doing things differently the second time around because ‘Scandal’ isn’t on the lineup to return in the fall!

According to HitFix, Washington’s pregnancy is the reason for the delay, and catch this tea, shortened season of ‘Scandal’. This is the talk of the town in Hollywood because it will be he first time in a couple years that a show produced by Shonda Rhimes won’t be coming on that night!

Looks like we’re going to have to wait until the winter time to get back to our Thursday night ‘Scandal’ party.

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