Woman Attacks Multiple People With A Machete In Brussels... Shot In The Arm

Woman Attacks Multiple People With A Machete In Brussels… Shot In The Arm

A woman in Brussels went on a rampage today when she decided to attack multiple people with a machete today.

According to Daily Mail, the woman struck three people with the machete, hitting one in the back and the other in the stomach as they were exiting the bus.

The woman fled to a nearby gallery downtown and was quickly tracked down by police. They warned the woman several times to the put the machete down, but were unfortunately left with no choice but to shoot her in the arm.

She was arrested and treated for her gunshot wound. The two individuals harmed in the attack are expected to make a full recovery.

Police are saying that they don’t believe this was an act of terrorism. The city isn’t taking any chances when it comes to these attacks since the ISIS suicide bombings in March left 85 people dead.

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