Woman Avoids Getting Raped By Paying Her Attacker $20!!!

Woman Avoids Getting Raped By Paying Her Attacker $20!!!

A woman who could have been the latest victim of a rape was able to avoid her assault by paying her attacker off!

According to the NY Post, a woman says that she was walking near Leonard and Bayard Streets around 11:20 p.m. on Saturday when she was assaulted by a man. The creep grabbed the woman and fondled her private areas and then told her, “I’m going to have sex with you.”

The woman who was only 24 years old begged the man to leave her alone and even offered to pay him off to do so. Ironically enough, the would be rapist accepted her cash offer.

The woman took her attacker to the nearest ATM and paid him a whopping 20 bucks!!!! The audacity of man to want to ruin not only his own but also an innocent woman’s life just for $20, low life!!!

The woman did not need medical attention and said that her attacker was a black male. We are just happy she was able to get out without being seriously harmed and hopefully her attsvker is found soon and he will def need more than $20 to bail his azz  out ! 

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Sources Sited: NY Post


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