Woman Dies In Cleveland Jail

Woman Dies In Cleveland Jail

These past few weeks we have been hearing of strange deaths of women while in police custody. Unfortunately,  we report that another woman has suffered that same fate.

37 year-old Ralkina Jones died while in police custody in Cleveland at the Cleveland Heights City Jail.

Jones was arrested due to a fight between her and her ex husband Brandon Jones. Police reports state that Jones was busting windows and damaging his car.

She then proceeded to attack him before he restrained her.  When he and a friend began to walk away,  she supposedly attempted to hit them with her car while her 12 year-old daughter was in the backseat.

Police ended up charging her with domestic violence, child endangerment, and felonious assault.

When she was taken into custody officers discovered she was being treated for several medical conditions and she was given her prescribed medications as directed.

Around 7:15 on Saturday she was taken to the hospital because she appeared sluggish. She was treated at the hospital before being returned back to jail around 10:40pm.

Just a little over two hour later, paramedics were sent to the jail and she was monitored overnight by guards. On one of the checkups they found her unresponsive in her bed.

As of now the medical examiner says her death doesn’t appear suspicious but they are continuing the investigation.

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