Xzibit Ordered To Pay Estranged Wife $6k A Month In Support

Xzibit Ordered To Pay Estranged Wife $6k A Month In Support, $125K In Legal Fees After Brother Exposed His Income

Rapper Xzibit has been ordered to pay his estranged wife $6k a month in support after claiming he was down and out in divorce documents, according to Radar.

Previously, the rapper tried to avoid paying the mother of his son, but she said his brother exposed already him for hiding cash.

According to court filings, the judge ordered the “Pimp My Ride” host to pay his estranged wife Krista $2,239 a month in child support starting on August 1st, the outlet shares. Those payments will reportedly continue until their 10-year-old son Gatlyn turns 18.

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/GC Images)

Xzibit was also ordered to pay an additional $3,702 a month in temporary spousal support. The rapper will pay an additional $5,941 to settle support arrearages for July.

Xzibit Ordered To Pay $125K For Legal Fees

Xzibit isn’t just responsible for the monthly support of his wife and kid. He will also hand over $50k for Krista to hire a forensic accountant to examine his finances. He’ll pay another $125k to cover her legal bills.

In a recent court hearing, the rapper pleads with the judge not to award his ex-spousal support. He said he struggled to survive after the pandemic caused touring and other gigs to dry up. He claimed not to have worked in the industry since 2019.

In response, Krista said Xzibit was not struggling as he portrayed in court documents. She said his brother informed her that the rapper pulls in over $1 million monthly from his cannabis business. The antsy mother of Xzibit’s kids said his brother admitted to storing $20 million for Xzibit in several vaults. He allegedly got Xzibit cash whenever he needed it.

Joiner previously told the judge she lost her job and she added that X has ignored her pleas for money for gas, food, or even their son’s inhaler.

The parties will be back in court in February to continue to sort out their support agreement.