Y'all Got Your Wish! "Sorority Sisters" On Vh1 Has Been Cancelled! They Are Doing Them Dirty Too!

Y’all Got Your Wish! “Sorority Sisters” On Vh1 Has Been Cancelled! They Are Doing Them Dirty Too!


Vh1 hasn’t officially announced this news but after I tell you what they are doing to this show, it can only be assumed that they put a big X on it.

The last three episodes of this show are all being shown this Friday. First of all, they chose “Friday” and everyone knows that people barely watch TV on that day because they are usually out on the town getting it in.

Not only will the final episode be shown at 11:10 pm EST, but HUNTYY they won’t even repeat it for the west coast according to The Atlanta Journal .

So basically what that means is that Vh1 had enough of their advertisers pulling their dollars from their network because of this specific program that wasn’t popping in ratings anyway. The first episode did well but it died off after that. Vh1 was prepared to hold onto this show if the ratings were good. They weren’t about to be threatened with a good time.

The Black Greeks were fighting to preserve their good name and they were not going to allow Vh1 to depict them in a negative light. We say Kudos to them for taking a stand…can they live?

The real shade is that this was announced on the Deltas’ Founder’s Day! I’m sure they are somewhere having a KeKe!

Mona and who ever else was behind this show try again.