Young Thug And Birdman Get Tied Up In Weezy Shooting!

Young Thug And Birdman Get Tied Up In Weezy Shooting!

It looks like the Cash Money artist beef is only getting worse!

Birdman and Young Thug have gotten themselves tied in with a plot to kill Lil Wayne!  Although they have not been formally charged, police are investigating their association with the incident where Weezy’s tour bus got shot up.

Back in April, Wayne’s bus got shot up in Atlanta by non other than Young Thug’s tour manager, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, who recently got indicted. Conveniently after Winfrey popped off at the tour bus he called a cell number owned by guess who…Birdman.

We all know Birdman and Young Thug are smart enough to know not to get their hands on this mess but even a blind person can sense a set up!

To make things even more obvious, Winfrey was all up in Young Thug’s “Halftime”video blatantly holding a rifle as Thug rapped about shooting Wayne in the head!

All we can say is Fix it Jesus!

In addition to the current madness, Thug has a lot of other problems to deal with like his recent drug and weapons charge from a home raid yesterday, as well as being arrested for threatening a mall cop.

We hope the fellas keep the beef in their raps and not in the streets. It’s definitely not worth it!

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