Zashia Santiago Opens Up With VladTv On Tax Return Fraud Arrest

Zashia Santiago Opens Up With VladTv On Tax Return Fraud Arrest

With fame comes maximum exposure, now if it’s positive or negative, is on how you spin it. Unfortunately Safaree’s new boo, Zashia Santiago, had to learn that the hard way as it shows her beautiful smile does come with an ugly past.

It is no secret now that word around town is Zashia was arrested for her role in a tax scam that has resulted in her now being a convicted felon.

According to a few sources, Zashia, who now makes her living as a model and makeup artist, started out as a healthcare professional that later had her license revoked with she was caught and later charged with one count of felony possession of 15 or more unauthorized access devices.

She admitted to selling names, dates of birth, social security numbers and addresses to someone else who in turn would pay her $500 for each patient’s info she brought, there were 20 in total.

Well Zashia has decided to sit down with our friends over at VladTV to tell her truth on the situation.

She says that she needed the money for her son since she was his sole provider. 

“A opportunity was dangled in front of my face saying here here’s an opportunity to make more money to give your son a better life basically and I took it.”

She says she doesn’t regret that it happened because she was able to learn from the situation and luckily she didn’t have to go to jail for it. She is currently on probation.

Listen to the entire interview below :


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