Makonnen Announces He Is Retiring

Makonnen Announces He Is Retiring

Now, all of y’all caught the tea when we informed y’all that rapper, ILoveMakonnen, announced that was he dropping OVO Sounds and went ahead and signed to Warner Bros. due to artist freedom.

Well, over the weekend Makonnen took to Twitter to let his fans know that he is definitely dropping out of the game all together! He expresses his emotions through a thread of tweets and responses to fans to let
them know that he’s retiring and why.

He tweets out, “Tired of singing and crying in the booth making all these songs for u that’ll you will never hear, I had to let it go”

Another tweet reads, “Nobody makes music anymore, nobody truly locks in for a real session.”

He continues, “If I could release music how I wanted I wouldn’t retire, but then if did that, so many would have to to just retire, so ill accept retire”

If you took a closer look through Makonnen’s Twitter feed, you may begin to notice that there is something else that lies deeper in all of this.

As Makonnen tries to enlighten his audience how he just wants his music to be heard. It kind of makes us wonder what he really means by that because if you notice, he drops music frequently via his
Soundcloud and he’s on tour right now in Europe.

What call of action do you think Makonnen searching for? Let’s discuss below!

TSR Intern: CaDarius B. | IG & Twitter: @cadarius_