This Stunning Make-up Artist Is Making A Statement With Her Hijab!

This Stunning Make-up Artist Is Making A Statement With Her Hijab!

Roommates, it’s been a very difficult time in this country for people who express religious views that conflict with those of #DonaldTrump and his followers. Muslims, for example, are facing extreme and unnecessary hate in the wake of the presidential candidate’s call for a blanket ban for them in the United States and it’s created tension for these people who only intend to exercise their rights to freedom of religion!

Just last year, a man got arrested after he snatched off a Muslim woman’s hijab on a flight. However, to combat some of the hate, I wanted to show you guys that wearing a hijab can be just as beautiful outside of its religious purposes. Meet Saraswati, or @queenofluna. She is a makeup artist who transforms herself into some of our favorite movie, game and tv show characters like Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, Ariel even Devil Jin from Tekken! What makes this young lady’s art so special is that she is wearing a hijab to complete her hair look! She even has a special blonde “bun” for her Cinderella transformation, it’s so cool!!

We encourage you to take a look at her art, Roommates, and realize that to us, a hijab might be just a hijab, however to these women, it is a symbol of a promise they have made to God. It’s very humbling and I don’t understand why they make some people so uncomfortable. Not every foreign person is here to harm us. Most of he harming is being done by the politicians that we’re blindly electing, but I’ll save that for another article!






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